Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Personality revealed!

1. This road symbolizes your life journey. Or rather, how you view it. Therefore, straight road, curvy you get the picture. Quite straightforward.

2. The forest is your current surrounding. So when I answered MJ forest! it kinda shows I'm in a stoinker environment. Haha Aran's one sounds damn inviting.

3. The animal you turn into is the animal personality you want to have is most probably does have. Yeah quite straightforward also. I'm glad Tyler didn't stick to the one eyed snake. That's quite salah. *ahem.

4. The animal that you meet is your spouse. And how you would like him/her personality to be like. I see Tyler cannot only have one partner, hence the erm convention of cougars. Very good Ty! Ellie's two animals sound like a perfect match.

5. The house that you see is the kind of home you'd like to have or already have. It's a place where you feel most comfortable be it sounding like your parent's home or your own or etc.

6. How you get into the house is how easily you open up to new people. Sounds quite accurate so far for all three of you. HEHEHEHE.

7. The cup.. you be honest I forgot what the cup one means. But Joey has answered these questions before. Joey, do you remember the meaning behind this cup thing? Cause I forgot. Don't curse me please! I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Dowan to misrepresent ma :D

8. This is how you feel about your sex life. I don't know why. But looks like Aran got mutant abilities here too!!

9. This is how you feel toward your first child when you've just given birth, or for the guys, when your wife has given birth. I can see my sister Joyce wouldn't be too accomodating. Next time sure very fierce mother one.

10. The wall represents death. And how you get past it is how you will face it, or overcome it.

Tadahh!! I'm sorry about number 7 :(

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