Saturday, November 25, 2006

Baby Bloggila

I have been posting quiteee a number of posts lately haven't i?
Dunno why.

So Armin turned out alright. Thanks to Ivan we walked in without spending a cent and getting free drinks all night. Yay. At first the crowd was getting to me and Rachel was getting sick from the smoke. So we drank and ate at Terrace Bar. Then we went in, after a while it was pretty alright just sitting at the stadium stairs watching our significant others enjoying themselves (*shuffling o.O) They haven't done this shuffling thing in a while. Haha rusty. But i somehow love watching Ham when he does.

Saw Mervin and Joachim there too. It was weird seeing Joachim in public, usually its in a home or a hotel room. EH DAMN SALAH. As in erm cause we chill out as usual suspects in KMKS ma.

Before the four of us went in we were having drinks at Terrace Bar when Arthur pointed out a shirt this guy was wearing that said something along the lines of "If you catch me listening to pop, please cut my balls off" Which i thought, if you were to wear a shirt that said that, you're probably someone who is extremely passionate about music.

Then I started la my banging. If you love music you'd love it regardless of whether its popular or not. Pop does mean popular music. I mean i'm not a pop person Top40 and all that but Guns and Roses was Pop once, so was other great bands i love. The Killers, Pop also (although the latest album fell short of my expectations). So if the music you love turns into Pop you're not gonna love it anymore? Fucking contradictory. Rachel started fanning me because she knew i could go on and on.

Yeah i know i get upset when certain band i love is suddenly big in Malaysia and that's not very supportive of me. But thats only because once they get that big, their music will sell out and will start to change to suit popular taste. So usually by the 3rd album it goes down the drain for some good bands. But i still love their music, i still regard them as great muisicians. Hm heh okay enough.

Anyway, we wanted to join Aran and Andre in Velvet but didn't want to walk in and out through the crowd. When people's sweat rub off on your arm and face when you need to get to somewhere, you don't want to get anywhere.

We are going to Malacca today. All of us woke up later than we should so actually.. we're not sure if we are going. But I am craving for Assam Laksa! And Su Ann gave me a bunch of food places we should go to and I really wanna makan makan makan.

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