Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Because Bloggila reprimanded me..

The other day my sister Joyce was at the 1utama fun fair and she sent me an sms telling me she vomitted. I thought that would be highly unlikely because on long journeys back to mum's hometown I'd be the one dying of motion sickness and puking into longkangs by the highway while she can read a book (she used to read back then) sitting backwards in the car. I was always envious, I always wanted to be able to read on those journeys on road. Anyway I didn't think the rides at the funfair would have that effect on her.

Then when she came home I found out she didnt even go on the rides. She got sick from the loud annoying music. When I was there last year I noticed the horrifying trance-like feng tau they were playing. Given it was of a somewhat melodic tune and very music box sounding, it was still mind-blowing.

A few years ago Joyce said to me, "Ugh i'd never be the type to hang out in clubs and smoke or drink." I humoured her and said yeah probably. But I knew I felt the same way as she did once. Then comes obligations, friends having birthday celebrations in a club and etc and one night you find yourself there and another night you find that its alright. Maybe the same thing might happen to her.

Now I think not. If i can get a headache from hard trance, though i welcome head-banging rock&roll any time of the day.. while she pukes her brains out from fun-fair music. I think clubs would never be okay for her.

And thats A-OKAY by me!

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