Wednesday, March 07, 2007


...You know it ain't easy... For these thoughts here to leave me..
Nothing like a drawl from Clarence Greenwood to start off a quiet night.

I've been watching film after film. Flyboys was unexpectedly good. Babel was intense for the sake of being intense, couldn't fool me. Blood diamond I liked. Days of Glory was not as good as I expected it to be. I hate to admit it but The Holiday was kinda cute, never liked Kate Winslet till now. I wanted to watch a chinese movie so I got this Leon Lai one but never made it past the 20th minute. It was the kind of movie which was scenic, the director of photography was good but the plot was a piece of shit. Anyway don't know what I'm talking about. Just trying to kill time while my boyfriend drinks more beer (and I say this with disdain because he's growing a gut) with his friend downstairs.

Bla bla bla I read in the newspaper the other day, i think it was by some Chong person and he claims that Malaysians have better music taste because Muse sold out. And it seems to him that Muse is some sort of obscure band and so, since it sold out, Malaysians no longer succumb to the mainstream. What a load of crap. Muse has been freaking mainstream for years. You just don't label people like that. It's not just Malaysians but everyone, including the Americans jump onto the bandwagon of liking oh no in modern day everyone claims to LOVE anything obscure. Apparently it makes them a little special, a little different if they liked something not many others did. See I was elated when I was about to see New Found Glory play 3 years ago. Tears was in my eyes when they came on stage in West Palm Beach, Florida. Imagine my horror when NFG didn't play any of their songs from their first album. 6 out of 8 songs were from the 3rd album which I really didn't like and and i just sat there dumbfounded. Everyone was singing along to the new songs which I didn't really know the lyrics off. This was the band whose first album I played over and over and over again day after night after night during my high school days.

I think maybe it was then I gave up and I knew everytime a band gets their "break" during their 2nd album, the 3rd will suck and it would be a worldwide curse. Maybe its just me. It probably is. So you point looking out for good music. Good music is just good music. Nevermind the roots, the history, the values. Nevermind how much I disliked Jet I gave them a second chance because their record label was of the same as Bob Marley's once. I don't know why these things get to me.

So lately, or for he past 3 years or so, I listen to the same old albums again and again. AndI think its enough to get me through this life. Rant rant rant rant.

I am so bored. Why do i get annoyed so easily. Like today in class I wanted to slap the idiot sitting in front of me for being so freaking ignorant and bashing America for invading Iraq. Sure sure its easy to pick on Big Ben than Tiny Tim. It's always easier to defend the underdogs. But KNOW what you're saying, don't just say it for the sake of the "pacifist trend". The idiot is wearing Nike from top to bottom and if you really want to take a piss on cruelty, start at home. Start with not wearing shoes that has 5 year old girls' blood on them.

Everything I say demands a long lengthy explanation but I've been through it too many times and i'm just tired. Tired of being human. Maybe I should have shark fin's soup everyday while claiming that I'm all for animal rights (Oh just the furry and cute ones).

Am I cynical? But I want to get married and have many kids and live happily ever after and some part of me believes it possible. Maybe I'm just wired wrong.



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