Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Potahto, pohtayto.

Daddy bought an entire cod fish again and this time he gave me 4 thick glorious slabs of it.

YUM. I usually do the yin yong; one fried and one steamed. I dare not experiment with it because if it goes wrong I would cry. Seriously I would. Once when I was making prawns with breadcrumbs and when I overfried them I stared at the wok and felt a small sob coming up my chest.

I was sub-consciously checking MSN to see if Elle is online cause I need some tips on what to do with potatoes. I don't have pork, so I can't make sliced potatoes and pork. But since she isn't online I'm looking at recipes through websites. What a noob la me.

Anyway I was talking to an ex-classmate and she mentioned that I have really straight hair.
"I know," I said, "I've always wanted more volume, its so straight and boring"
She said I could try rebonding it, so it would be super straight because apparently, its in style.
I didn't have the heart to tell her that I HATE the whole rebonding thing and think it looks ugly on 90% of the girls that gets it done.
So I said "Nah rebonding's not for me. I don't want to spoil my hair"
She came up with a solution saying I could buy a ceramic iron thing (cant remember what its called) and straighten it every morning.
Who the hell has the time to straighten their hair every morning tell me please. I don't even have a hair dryer.
I don't even have a hairbrush.
I've never paid for a haircut.

Okay, I deserve to have boring hair.

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