Monday, March 12, 2007

Shit colored nails.

You should read this.
The part where she said "i'm sure we love the tempurung we're under" its too funny.

fattyboo says:
very nicely put!
unfortunately, from what i've seen and heard, the same kids griping about the anti-rasuah cops asking for bribes are the SAME people paying the bribes. if you truly want a change, let's start at home.
let's hope they are more people like you, who complains productively (for lack of a better word)
and i had no idea the ferris wheel cost 30mil, thats an absurd amount of money spent but whats new lah, we've always known the government to spend stupidly on stupid things. locals are swarming there to "view malaysia from the top" and again these are the same people who don't even travel within their own country.

its like that idiot in my global advertising class. in every class he never fails to angrily announce that there are children suffering in Iraq. START AT HOME. who are you to be all high and mighty when you're wearing nike frmo head to toe day after day?

its one thing to be unmindful . thats fine. there's no crime in that in the least. its fine when you're comfortable where you are but its a whole other thing to want to sound all humanitarian and ooh so morally-conscious.

that bribe thing. i bite my tongue whenever someone complains that the anti-rasuah badge wearing cop asked them for 30bucks in exchange for a non-summon. because immediately after that they'll affirm that they paid the bribe and then continue to complain that that was 30bucks wasted. then why not, for fucks sake, take the damn summon! if you would have said "thank goodness these cops accept bribes i paid rm30 instead of rm300" then at least you're not being a hypocrtical prick. if one had said that, i'd be impressed that they didn't feel the need to express their disdain over corruption when they are participating in it! if you didn't pay bribes in the first freaking place, they wouldn't be asking for bribes. but then again, temptation. who in their right mind would pay rm300 over rm30? well i say it should be the same people complaining about it in the first place.

that whole shark's fin thing. some people tells me, "its okay stel, these ones aren't real anyway." yes but you are propagating the sales of the shark's fin by participating in the selfish act of eating it. i'm fine with people having it, to each their own. its not like i look down upon those who enjoy it, my sister joyce loves it and though sometimes she feels bad about eating it (due to my stare of disapproval for the last 6 years) i'm fine with her having it because she doesn't go around claiming to "so love animals and nature." but don't tell me to have it cause its fake. its even stupider to have the fake ones i feel. some say its just been a tradition for so long. then whyyy the "progress" with wearing skimpy clothes and being up to date with technology and not progress with being conscientious about thsi sort of thing?!

its the same thing as wearing faux fur. if there isn't people to wear them and make them a fashion statement the rich who can afford the real thing wouldn't buy them and hence making a whole market out of it. don't talk shit on the poachers, in fact they are just making a living however disgusting their jobs are isn't as disgusting as you wanting the fur for vanity purposes. i'm not big on animal rights, but if not for the sharks or the other creatures of the sea swimming around shark carcasses, then what about the ecosystem? bleah i've blogged about this enough times.

and going to the zoo. oh my goodness the zoo. girls go "i wanna go to see and see the animals!' then giggle and be all demure because you're some animal loving albeit ignorant brat. the same animals that you sooo want to see in the zoo are underfed and goodness knows about the fight they had to put up to avoid being locked up while you insensitive people happily pay money to fund their sad state. the polar bears, fucked up! 2 air-conditioners is not gonna cut it. leave them be i'm sure we can move along fine with life without ever seeing polar bears. for an animal lover, isn't knowing that these animals are safe and comfortable more important than gawking at them through glass for 40 seconds? i don't super duper love animals but yet it makes me sad that thse things are happening right under our noses. it makes me sick that "animal lovers" want to go to the freaking zoo! same thing with the pet store and the stupid circus. the circus is sick. except while i was talking to miriam today she told me that the zoo she went to in belize suprisingly keep all their animals healthy and the environment they are in are almost exactly like the ones they came from. she could actually FEEL the animal's happiness. for one thing they don't import the animals so none of really taken far from their natural habitat. now why not spend 30mil on something thoughtful like that?

i really could go on forver so bottomline is, its cool to be whatever you are but its stupid stupid stupid when your actions shows one thing and your talk shows another. like paris hilton, people enjoy gossiping about how bimbo and shallow she is but hey, she knows she is and she's not claiming to be the greatest humanitarian in the world or comparing herself to mother teresa.

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