Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bitchy bitchy.

Back to the Chong article in The Star because apparently, I'm not done bitching about it.

Not just about the Chong article. The whole Malaysians knows good music thing is absurd. I mean its absurd based on the claim that because Muse sold out, they know good music?! Byuing tickets to some band and going to watch them doesn't make you a fan. Because there are so few concerts in Malaysia that if anyone at all comes to play everyone would wanna go watch. Why because its a a trend, a western trend.
There are too many bands I wanna see live but when I hope for it, I don't wish for them to come play here in KL because I know the bands wouldn't give it their best. People left and right have been saying that Incubus, Muse and all..that their performance fell short of expectations. Well I don't blame the band. Simply because they know, statistically, that Malaysians don't buy their albums. You wanna say you're a fan of this band, please at least have bought ALL no at least 2 okay, of their ORIGINAL albums, nevermind the singles and etc.
It just doesn't make sense to me that you can spend rm70 on tickets to go see the band play with your friends and talk about it later and not have money well spent on a CD! So, so what if their concert sold out to whole bunch of people who downloads a few of their good songs and claim to be a fan? What nonsense! Don't say its because its expensive. Bullshit. When the same "ooh I'm so cool I like rock people" can spend good money on freaking Starbucks, which I feel is insanely expensive for coffee that taste like shit. But oh I suppose its designer, its good. San Francisco Coffee is like 27 times better.
Bands reach their targets by having albums sold out, not concerts. I can't imagine loving a band and not having their CD. Opening their album sleeve and poring over every detail and knowing you have a piece of them close to you. That just cannot compare to singing along to afew of their famous songs every now and then.
The Fray is completely annoying, if I hear their stupid ends tonight song again I will shoot somebody.

Ooh all this anger. I think its partly because Rachel, Fye and San has left to go back to Australia. And i'm left here with Mel hahahahaha. She keeps me occupied. Since she's been back we've been at each others' throats. I think I said "Stop talking to me Mel, you're fucking irritating me" about 30 times since she came back. I think she's hit me about 29490573 times. But I can't imagine life without this crazy bitch.

That's us at the airport. I CANNOT do kissy faces, stop maknig me do them. Damn tak jadi this picture. It hasss to be the only one that Miss Hobbes has resized since she's the only one that looks nice here.

Oh and a picture from Maison a few weeks ago. It's funny when I ask Ray to come with us to Maison she scrunches up her face and says "Yer I don't like the crowd there, all young kids" And so I said to her, since when has the crowd has anything to do with us going out? It's not like we're there to be seen and hence can only go to places where certain people hang out. So we went. And walking in there I know what she meant, the vibe's all wrong! The crowd is yes full of teenyboppers. Not that that would usually annoy me but in this setting it did! I haven't been back at Maison since. The first few weeks Alvin was spinning there the crowd was small. So I was thrown off when I went back there that time and it was a whole new scene. One which I didn't really like. But we were there with our awesome awesome and the night turned out geat of course. But yeah, I haven't been back there since.

L to R: Hobbes, Derek, Susie Derkins, Calvin and San. (Heheheheeh)

I was dancing up a storm, therefore the uh..sweat :D

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