Thursday, March 08, 2007

Missing me.

Ma called earlier and asked "Are you coming home this weekend?!"

I said "Of course la. Crazy ah I know you miss me."

Mother laughs shyly and said "Mommy take you for japanese okay?"


Then Daddy called.

"Hi. I'm near Petaling Street and there's that sweet meat store that you talked about. The one with the rooster in boxing gloves. I'm at the main branch. You want any?"

"Yes! Oh and Ma said she'd take us for japanese when I'm back. Buffet here we come!"

"No if you want japanese there's are good restaurants where you order ala carte and the quality is much better"

"No dowan. I eat alot alot of salmon shashimi daddy. You save more if you take me to a buffet."

"True. Okayokay."

I love my parents!!! Everytime I miss a weekend home they'd lure me with food.
Speaking of family, my sister Joyce has this bad habit of calling her boyfriend "Aunty Chong". (See when a boyfriend is sweet and attentive, they get called Aunty)
She even wrote him a poem which i just HAVE TO share.

Butterflies make me happy,
purple is the best.
If you want to call me aunty,
please be my guest!

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