Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If I crossed a million oceans

A week ago Esther got the Sims for her Nintendo DS. As I've said before, Esther and I usually give in to Joyce so its been Joyce hogging the Nintendo while Esther watches her older sister plays her game. Joyce even bosses Esther around asknig her to plug the Nintendo to the charger never taking her eyes off it.

Anyway one of them decided to name one of their characters Dr.Jimmy and the other Dr.Neuron. Then i got to thinking that maybe I should name one of my sons after my dad. I thought it would be great not just as a gesture but an even more solid imprint of my father in my life; our lives.

Then I thought about how I would be bossing my son around using my dad's name like "Jimmy! Don't chew on the rug! Jimmy, don't bite Aunty Joyce!"

I happily recounted the story to my dad and then he said "Yeah then you'll feel a hard smack at the back of your head."

I think I'll do it anyway. Probably as a middle name. It would be awesome! Every man should be like my dad! He's the best! Every weekend when I come home he'll be waiting to take me to lunch, and then we'd go buy everything that I like to eat and sometimes buy/borrow a book. Then we'll sit and talk about our friends, our books and our family. We'd device plans on how to wrestle Ma from her hectic schedule to have dinner with us. We'd talk about how proud we are of Joyce, of how smart Esther is and how we want to buy a gigantic house and have daddy and mommy live with us and our husbands and kids. I can tell Daddy is really happy with the idea because he said "Eh can also, I can start looking for a plot of land" although Ma said "You think your husbands will like meh?" But I know secretly she like also.

Ooh and on Monday Daddy invited Ham to lunch! And Ma has been giving him more errands to run! It's a sign of acceptance! Progress! If Daddy only knew how much he and Ham have in common. The gory movies, the obsession with making me eat, the comic books in the bottom shelf, the addiction to Zantec, the afternoon naps at the same time, they both prefer being at home, the same stoopid jokes, they both secretly love Transformers but wouldn't admit it, they both call Rachel by Ray like me, they both HATE it when men cry in movies, they both LOVE making fun of Joyce, and most of all, they both adore ME!

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