Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I got up early today, had breakfast with Ham and went for my morning class. The cab cost almost rm20 from here to college. I quickened my pace cause I was already 5 minutes late and stepped into class to see 2 of my classmates sitting in the dark.

10 minutes later we called the find out that he has cancelled today and tomorrow's classes because he's leaving for Botswana. WTF. He teaches two of my subjects. He's a kind and relatively smart lecturer (which are few in Limkokwing). 10 minutes later I was on another cab back here.

Ham has been glued to the computer since we had access to the internet. Reformatting and installing and doing whatever while watching and reading his anime stuff. I tried playing chor tai ti alone, amused myself for 2 good minutes and then feel asleep. Stella never naps, but I did.

A few hours later I stirred in my sleep cause Ham started bouncing on the bed saying "Babe I finally did the thing i wanted to do with the computer. Are you proud?!"

Playing along I said "Proud..very proud."

"I can start playing DOTA now!"

*shoves him off the bed*

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