Saturday, March 10, 2007

Common in Smokin' Aces!

This is so typical girl blogger.

1. Watch Factory Girl. Somehow, someway.
2. Make appointment for Brazilian.
3. Make Mel come with me for above so I can hear her scream again.
4. Give the Lohs their Christmas present.
5. Hand up Friday's assignment on Monday four days earlier.
6. Watch 300 again.
7. Call Peter and Jane to give them my new number.
8. Fingers crossed the kindergarten will have a field trip soon.
(I miss my students from Nursery Yellow *sob)
9. Finish Monday's assignment on Monday itself and hand it up before leaving school.
10. Be thankful that I don't have to take another damn cab to school and back as soon as Ham gets his car!
11. Try not to complain about the crowd tonight because other people will.
12. Condemn Fye for not being a true Frank Miller fan because he hasn't seen 300.

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