Friday, March 09, 2007

Go Spartans!

I just watched 300 and I LOVED it.
Damn yeng. Only part I didn't like was the last 5 minutes. Probably because I knew the movie was gonna end. I was hoping it was longer.

Before the movie we had pig's organs in pepper soup. Again. I have it about 3 times a week, at least. Yum. I only eat the siew yuk looking thing and the pig's heart. Evil but so yum. Arthur and Mel tried it after we sent Rachel and San off at KLIA. Arthur was holding a piece of the congulated pig's blood, something I haven't tried. He ate one then picked up another one and asked, "This is taufu right?"

"No its congulated pig's blood."

He paused for 2 seconds before saying "Eh quite good right."

Think I'll have it again tomorrow.

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tan y l said...

Where is it? Sounds good wei