Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Wah the anger. Already know I dowan fast food. Jo was saying "Elephant drive-thru" repeatedly. So i repeated also "Elephant drive-thru?" Then she doubled over and laughed and said "Let's go drive-thru" hhahha

Then Jordan's other phone went missing when the phone that he had rang. So i said "Eh your phone calling you ler"

Okay we ended up at McDs at 15. I damn respect Jordang because instead of using the tiny plastic plates for ketchup he used the drink cover hahahahhahha. Imagine the drink cover overflowing with ketchup hahaha. So Jo was telling this story about her friends who just had their first child, and how the husband was so irritated at their baby because he kept crying every night that he wanted to throw it over the balcony. So obviously i said "Wah thats damn shit wei."

Then Fye said that when he has his baby and if the baby doesn't want to drink milk. He would pour milk powder into the baby's mouth, then pour hot water inside and then shake the baby hard hard and then punch the baby in the face so that the baby would swallow it.

Everyone was laughing hard but i didn't find it funny. Until I said "Thats why your face like that la!"

Hmph. Shows him right for telling stupid stories about boiling babies in oil.

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