Saturday, December 23, 2006

Muh Steakkkk..

At 3pm the other day I went over to Ham's house. At 5pm I called Fye. "We are having steaks tonight."I called Pek San and he said he's game. At 6pm Fye said he didnt have any petrol and he's broke so Ham and I took a cab over to his place to fill up his gas. Then we thought might as well go in one car so we called San to come pick us up. It was jam hour so it took him 45 minutes to come over. Most of them was bitching about not wanting to have steaks but I didn't care. Steaks!!!

Then we thought why not see if Bonnie's free. She hasnt been back in 2 years and doesn't have a handphone. Her family moved and the new home number she gave us was wrong somehow o.O

We drove over there; another long ass ride and yay she was free for dinner. I told her about steak. Good steak at a mamak, inexpensive and just about the best steak in town. So off we went. It took us almost an hour to get into KL and another half an hour to get into Ampang. Plus San's car isn't the most comfortable car for five. He himself said he's never had so many people in his car. It's a small Suzuki Vitara. The backseat's really small and the ride was freaking uncomfortable. I tried not to throw up even though I got really car sick.

"All this just for your steak Stel!" Bonnie.I'd be damned if its closed.
As we got there we drove past and Ham joked that it was closed. Very funny, HAHA.

We parked and walked toward the place.

(Closed on Tuesdays)

Just let me die la. Just let me die.

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