Sunday, December 24, 2006

Highlight of my Christmas Eve.

Apart from it being my dearrr dearrrr sister's birthday of course.

We were to have dinner with my sister and her significant other tonight. Except he took her to Malacca early this morning so they might not make it back in time, either that or they will be really late. So Ham and I went out to the Sunway Fatman Steamboat outside of 7-11.

In conjunction with Christmas Eve, the uncle set up one of the pots with oil so that you can have your food fried! So cool! He only does it 4 times a year. Plus he was really nice too and fried your food for you himself because the rain was causing the oil to pop up quite a bit.

At first it was just Ham and I, then this two ladies came by. He told us that if the fried food wasn't good we didn't need to pay! He continued to tell us that he himself can eat 10 sticks of fried foo chuk, easily! One of the ladies had some fried stuff and when the uncle asked her if it was good she said "I wanted to lie and say it wasn't good so I can have it for free hehe. But it's really good."

Everyone was laughing and talking when two indian dudes came by. They were obviously regulars. The uncle promoted his fried food and said to them "If not good no need to pay!" The indian dude replied "Eh don't la like that!" and under those circumstances I found that phrase really funny and couldn't stop laughing into my fish balls.

The uncle professed "I not bluffing! My business ah, I won't bluff one. Banks can bluff, insurance can bluff. Food cannot bluff one, not good."

Such a nice guy I tell you! The atmosphere was warm and fuzzy despite the rain. Everyone laughing and joking with each other. It was at this exact moment I felt the Christmas spirit fuzz within my belly.

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