Sunday, December 24, 2006

Steak Pt 3

So the day after that "Closed on Tuesday" fiasco, Ham took me to Cowboy; this very western restaurant by the Kelana Jaya lake. He's always preaching about the steak there, how good it is and etc and since the first two times there I didn't have the steak I had it that night.

Wah their black pepper sauce is out of this world. I was literally salivating WHILE eating my steak. Soooo freaking good.

Today is Joyce's birthday and because I'm such a fantastic sister, Ham and I are taking her and her boyfriend to Cowboy for steaks. I bought 2 bottles of our favourite Eva sparkling juice and Ham got some red wine for him and Voonz.

I've stopped drinking alcohol completely. For the past year I drink it in clubs and bars because well everyone has bottles and bla so it's easier to just drink whats there. But I don't like the taste at all. Plus it doesn't give me "a goos buzz". So I thought, and as Elle has said, what's the point of drinking something you don't like?

Since my parents are always making us girls drink Cranberry juice. So when I'm out late at a club or a bar I compensate my parents by being a good girl and drinking Cranberry juice all through the night. Yum.

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