Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dumbo in Mambo.

L to R: Julian, Rachel, Me, Arthur, Melissa, Bonnie and Fye. Eh where's Tyler! Shit he's the one taking the pic for us. He's the man you know!

A bunch of us went to Mambo last Wednesday. However although I liked the Sardines game when I was young, I couldn't stomach it for a club. There was no one single idiot to laugh at at the end (okay maybe got hehe). Oh and because Bonnie had suede shoes on and Melissa was only 20. I didn't know she's only 20. She's moving on to the 3rd year at the University of Warwick!

That's Melissa next to me. She too hasn't been back in 2 years.

Bonnie and I. We've been friends since before she had braces. She hasn't been back to Malaysia for 2 years so imagine my joy seeing her again.

I was in Velvet for a couple of minutes and was feeling sucky with my darlinggggg friends sitting at Terrace Bar outside. A few more minutes passed and I was getting more and more annoyed as I passed so I grabbed the bottle of Jack and walked out of Velvet. I went up to Ivan and said "I rather drink this in Terrace Bar la." He laughed and took the bottle from me and we walked toward my friends. He set up the nice table for us and got us free mixers. Yay Ivan. Yay Tyler the man too.

After having supper at Petaling Street some came over and we watched Rules of Attraction. Not a bad movie.

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