Monday, December 18, 2006


I really want to have steak lor.
For the past hour its been..
Me: Babeeeee I want steakkkkk
Ham: Come eat my steak la
Me: WTF I want the black pepper medium rare one.
Fye: Eat yourself la. Beef Chop.

Then I texted Rachel telling her I want specifically, Suzy's Corner Ampang's steak.
Then Pek San also.

But nobody layan you know!!!

If it was Rachel or Melanie who wanted to eat something badly everyone would fly to get them there bvut if its me, NO. Just let her rot here. Let her saliva infest her keyboard while she angrily dreams about her steak.

Please la.. Do I ask for a lot? Do i get huffy and puffy if i really want something? I let it slide okay! I eat what everyone wants to eat okay! Today I want to have steak hou mou! Wahlauehhhhh. Last week went to Chandelier the steak damn yuck, now I wanna have cheap but better steak in Suzy's cannot?!

Ham and Fye are happily taking turns playing Dota while the other plays cheerleader from behind. Every 15 seconds I'd say "Wey..I really want to eat steak one lor..."

"La, you wanted that since just now."

"I wanna eat steak leh..."

*silence* *keyboard tapping* *triple killll*

Damn tulan you know!

"I bet ar if i was one of those skinny skinny girls that can't eat much and then say wanna eat steak everyone will hump through hoops to get me steak. In fact it would be a fucking field trip! We'd turn it into some WWF charity event! BUT because I'm a fucking fatso nobody gives a shit if i want to have steak!"


Then Fye pipes up. "It's true lor.."

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