Friday, December 15, 2006

We R Bakers.

Everything's been good to me this past month. Yes everything, even inanimate objects :P
So Rachel, Mun Fye and Pek San is back. Everyday I get to see all or at least two of them. Life is good.
Until Rachel tries to bake.

Yankee (in the middle) graduated the Cordon Bleu in Sydney a couple of years back. That guy Loong is one of his current students. Rachel just there to cari pasal.

Hehe *flap flap flap*

Squeeze! The orange.. :P Lamamity points please.

I is baker! Hardly la its a chilled cheesecake haha.

Yankee's toolbox, damn cool!

Boiling the orange juice with sugar.

She not only has her head in the clouds, she got them in her hands.

Looks like heaven right. Nice fridge.
Arthur thats a cake, not a Cornetto ice-cream cone thing.

Yummy yummy cheesecake!

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