Friday, December 29, 2006

Jimmy 1 - Joyce 0

My sister was watching TV when my dad sat on the couch across hers and reached for the remote. Joyce quickly said "I was here first daddy. Don't change the channel."

My dad frowned for a moment then smiled and asked "Have you showered?" Knowing very well she hasn't because she's still in her jeans.

"No, later la."
"Go shower now Joyce."
"Nope. I'm watching my show." Not taking her eyes off the screen.

Dad looked her her, blinked. In 3 seconds he yelled, "Lilllyyyyyyyyy (my mom), Joyce haven't taken her bathhhh."

Joyce sat up and stared at my dad wit her eyes wide open. We all know how my mom is about showers. You HAVE to shower. She makes you shower even if you've just showered.

My mom stood up from the dinner table and went "Joyce! Go and take your bath now! So dirty! How can you come home and sit down and not shower first! GO NOW!"

Joyce took her bag, stood up and shot my dad a dirty look while he looks on happily then grabbed the remote and switched it to Discovery.

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