Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Most of the usual suspects @ Zoukout 2006

Joachim showing off his glow-in-the-dark shorts in the room before the rave. Peewit!!

Andrea and Cameron rushing to party! Teehee.
The Awesome Twosome chilling on the beach.

Smile! It's Zoukout! This gentlemen bought me ice-cream so that he could flirt with the ice-cream girl -_- Smooooothh!

Elle and Laboo :D

Uhm, party favors? Hehehehehehhe.

UnkleBus and Laboo, dunno whats wrong with them.

Happy Andre with a not so happy me because it was starting to get really hot and my eyeliner was dripping off my face.
Joachim and Shorty.
Mervin and Fatty.
Me with Mr. Loh and Mr Fitness.
There weren't much pictures because most of the night was spent having a good time ;) And a good time it was! Although we missed Mel and Eve. If there's one next year, we'll make sure all if able to go!

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