Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Morning!

It's 12am I just woke up!

I got home at 12pm and after more than 24 hours of doing this and that and singing the same song I thought I'd be tired but I was still buzzing so I played Jenga with Esther and kicked her butt :P Then I turned the TV on and this movie called Sometimes in April had just started. It had me at "a hundred days of slaughter in Rwanda". The 94' genocide in Rwanda. Obviously I watched it to the end. I have no willpower.

Then I trudged hehe upstairs and slept. That was at approximately 7pm.
I dreamt of poverty, specifically about starvation. Actually I dreamt about food in the end.

I also dreamt about boy/girl love. About being on the roof of a tall building watching fireworks with fifty other girls and every one of them but me had a cute balloon tied to the railing from some shithead who is only gonna break their hearts into teeny little pieces and then throw gasoline over it and light happy matches. But it didn't feel like this at the time. In the dream those girls were probably gonna be loved forever even though we yup we were all about twelve.

Right before I woke up I dreamt about 800,000 dead bodies in 100 days. What if it happened again and is closer to home? 1994 is not too many years behind. It's recent. Have we learnt nothing in 50 years? How can there be ideologies like this in the 90s. Genocide. I feel sick.

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