Friday, December 15, 2006

On friendship elevated.

It's funny how in some actions you can experience words.
This was our trip to Malacca. The full album is here.

Rachel said something to me on friendship a while back and I remember it word for word.
"It's about leaning on each other when we have a problem, appreciating that we've got someone who gives a shit and knowing that while you aren't being very sane, they still put up with you and next time you'll do the same for them."

She's not being very sane in some of the pictures but as you can see I put up with her insanity while she puts up with mine.
While Mel is away and can be difficult (and its difficult for me when she's away), sometimes I want to strangle her. But as difficult we can be I know she will afford me that same luxury she herself expects. In fact I wouldn't call it friendship. It's this unbreakable bond and sometimes I feel I would be nothing without the people I love.

To those I look up to [Ellie & Perry]
To those I respect [Tyler & Aran]
To those I cherish forever and ever amen [Fattys you know who you are]

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