Monday, January 01, 2007

Hapi Nu Year!

At midnight I got struck with streamers. I then hugged my loved ones. 2 minutes later I had faux snow in my left eye. White gunk in my eye!

All fair's in love, war and party streamers! I got my hands on 2 bottles but both were empty. But having the bottle in hand was good enough, as long as I hold both up in a threatening pose people stayed away. But not for long before they figure it out and I got blasted again -_-

We were upstairs of Zouk at the Recharge area leaning over and watching people on the dance floor. Rachel had a few too many sips of Long Island, Vodka Ribena, Screwdriver and whiskeycoke. Her behavior was an exaggerated version of normal. She was lolling about on the couch and while several people was fussing about her I popped my head in and she said "Hi Stel! I love you!" Then I asked her "Do you wanna go throw up in the toilet?" "NoooOoo. *giggles*"

"Okay then do you want a wedge of lime to suck on?" "Noooo. Hehehe." Siao.
"Do you wanna go get something to eat?? And she shook her head still smiling.
"Do you want me to throw you onto the dance floor?"
"YES! Hehehehehehe."

I tell you, that woman is nuts.

I missed the technicolor gang. I hope you guys were having a blast! I'll see you soon!!

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