Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ration, heh.

My dad came home with his right arm covered in red bruises and abrasions from his wrist all the way to his shoulder. He had been pushing himself while playing badminton for a couple of months. He's felt the strain on his arm but he ignored it and continued to play. His friends goes to China Open to play and win medals so since he wants to keep himself at their level, or at least somewhere there he goes the extra mile.

In the past few months he has come home with several injuries, a sprained ankle etc but he only rests for a week before playing again. That's it. I've confiscated his badminton things and banned him for playing for at least 3 months. Maybe 6. My dad obliged.

He got the red bruising after he went for treatment and they massaged his "internal wounds". But later in the evening when he showed my mom and aunt his arm my mom exclaimed, "What happened?!"

"I was in a fight," he said while turning his arm around showing them the other side, equally bruised. "I won, so you can imagine the other guy's condition."
My mom stared at his arm for a second, looked at me and went back to her soup while my aunt cracked up.

My parents are in Ijok now near or in Kuala Selangor. *WHEE. My dad sent me an sms saying "I bought 3 kilos of sotong and 4 kilos of giant prawns." Yayy my parents doesn't even eat prawns. Dad is allergic. So..this only means..more for me!

Last night after I had two plates of rice, my dad shared his giant bak chang with me. My grandma made it specially for him, it's 7 inches long and 4 inches thick. My grandma knows how much my dad and I love the pork fats so it was filled with fat! YUM. After that within the next 2 hours I had another 3 normal sized bak changs. My dad looked at me as I was finishing my 3rd one and he asked if I go to the toilet after eating so much. I told him no cause ahem I usually constipate after eating a lot of bak chang. Which is everyday these days. He went into the kitchen and came out with 3 pills. "Take these, there's a bit of laxative in it but these pills are meant to expel fat and oil from your body. Maybe you should take four."

Stupid pills. Gave me stomachache at 6 in the morning. I'm not going near them again. I went to the toilet thrice. It was the kind of stomach pain that knocks the wind out of you and you feel like barfing at the same time. It's just not worth the pain.

I think my eating habits are starting to scare my family. What. Everyone is telling that I lost weight and somehow that has fueled my appetite. I mean I've always been eating a lot but when I'm with my family I eat and eat and eat.

Hmph my dad and I..sigh. The other day I went for lunch with Rachel and her dad at Sunrise duck and her dad ordered a whole duck for the three of us. "Wow! Damn a lot!" Rachel looked so happy to see so much duck Then I thought and then said out loud "My dad and I have a whole duck just for the two of us." When Rachel and her dad were done there were about a quarter plus duck left and I finished it. No shame. I left two pieces there cause I didn't want them to think my family was starving me hahaha.

My dad and I eat in excess. That might be a but of an understatement. When we go for our favourite siew yok in Kuchai Lama two of us would eat RM40 worth of siew yok in the coffee shop. We looked over at another table of six who were paying for their meal and theirs was also about RM40. Hmm..

When we have hawker food, my dad used to have char kuay teow, curry mee and something else like chee cheong fun or wantan mee. He'd always order three different things. This was when I was younger. Now I've upgraded to two different things and he's downgraded to two or sometimes even one. I try to maintain when I'm out with friends cause even though I have a healthy appetite I don't wanna look like I'm gorging myself with food due to starvation.Or maybe when I eat with my dad it's free and my appetite is as one with an elephant's.

I've tried dieting once. Maybe two years ago when I was gaining so much weight I couldn't fit into my jeans. But that was the most miserable time of my life. I've never felt more pitiful or pathetic. I just felt so sad to refuse extra rice, to choose something less fattening, or to have only 2 meals a day. I was practically tearful inside during that time. So, never again will I deny myself the pleasure of eating. Not yet anyway. Since you all said I lost weight ma! :D :D

To think when I was in primary school, I hated eating. My mom would sit there with a cane and make me finish my food. I hated dinnertime. Since everyone leaves the table before me (I take an hour to eat my food), I'd roll up my rice into a tissue and throw it down the toilet bowl. i was so skinny my dad kept stuffing me with food. Look what happened to me now. Omg, what's gonna happen to Esther she's going through the exact same phase. She uses the same excuses I did. Headache la, stomachache la, fever la. Just to escape dinner.

Anyway, I'm only young once. In a couple of years I can't eat like this and not be riddled with a million and one illnesses. So, seize the day! Makan!

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