Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good times, great taste, not at McDonalds.

Cassie dances to the Ramones' Rock N Roll High School!
Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock'n'roll high school!

My high school wasn't rock, neither were any others but high school time was the most "rock" time I had. Tribute to Jon, En and Gene who very conveniently left me in this country while they are playing and making music where they supposedly belong.

I was rummaging through their multiplys to see what each one was up to because we don't email very often anymore *ahem En and Gene.

Guess what I found!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! (Thanks Gene)
This is before they had had mermaid green hair (yeah the whole head), the beatles hairstyle, the mohawk and everything! This is wayyyyy back. We go way back. Sigh, good times. I think En was like..11.

I should be very thankful I'm not in this picture. that age..hehehahaehah cannot take it.


gracielau said...

oh no...
i don't even want to remember how i looked back then either.

Stella said...

hehehehe me too!

Sh3nNaY said...

hahah thats hilarious.. hey stel! shen here