Monday, July 02, 2007

I see past those laughter lines.

Rachel has been back for a couple of days although this time we are not glued at the side. I guess we speak so much everyday while she's away it doesn't really feel as if she's been away at all.

Okay, what nonsense. I definitely felt her absence. But you know, it seems when this year was spent being a homely girl, I should have all the time in the world. Funnily enough I don't. I have my dad to be with, Esther to tutor, my mom's errands to run and Joyce and I have decided to sort of alternate the days we are out so one of us is home. Plus I don't like leaving Cassie at home alone for too long. Also, Ham lives quite a distance away and sudden whims to see him takes over and he comes to pick me up.. and there goes a whole day.

There are things to do when there is nothing to do. Like how I asked Elle if she was bored now that she wasn't working and she's home all day. She said "No because there's washing, cleaning and cooking to do."

I wash, cook and clean too! To the point my kakaks told me not to cause I'm making them look bad. Okay la I don't really wash but I do cook and clean.

Anyway so now that I don't have a social life, my life at home has finally begun. Mommy and daddy depends on me. Like I get to make big family decisions that I shouldn't need to, not at this age. But it comes a time I ust buck up and this is it.

Though sometimes I do miss my friends dreadfully, I miss their company, the banter and the laughter. Most of all I miss that sense of belonging, having these people at my side. But my friends are rational creatures and would agree with me that family comes first. Plus my friends will always be family so here's to hoping I don't completely fade out.

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