Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's ruined.

Last night Mel told me a part of Deathly Hallows. It was a significant part too.
Even after I specifically told her not to tell me, she told me anyway and claimed "But you don't know who exactly."
If you've read the'd know that its a 50/50 chance who lor. And the way you proclaimed it, I can tell who it is already lor.
Damn tulan.


Went out for lunch with my dad at the nearby wan tan mee place.
Met a couple of friends from the church I use to go to.
They sat at the table behind mine, so my back was facing them.
And while it was lovely and all to see them again...

They were loudly discussing the deaths that occurred in Deathly Hallows!
LOUDLY. I literally had my hands over my ears, only thing I didn't try was humming but I didn't want to be rude.
But still I heard the ending! This is so so so so so fucked up.
Have you ever tried very hard not to hear something? Well its something that will definitely backfire on your ass.

After we left the place my dad said "I know you heard the parts, I didn't. DON'T TELL ME."

Then I came home and spoke to Ham on the phone. I complained to him about overhearing the parts. WAHLAU. The fella go tell me the biggest part of all! He assumed that was what I heard.

Yeahla I know, know the ending nvm one ma..gotta read for the process. Mahai, its my goddamn decision right. I've been reading about Potter since I was in Primary school, way before the freaking hype and now that its all hyped up it's ruining everything. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is talking about it.

Why does the media ruin everything! When bands make it big, they turn to shit. When books make it big, they shit all over the place.

I know it's a children's story..and I shouldn't be worked up over something like this. But what's the fucking point of waiting a little over two years for the freaking book, and know the freaking ending before reading it. Why can't people be more sensitive toward this kinda thing? The same people yakking about it are the people who are not fans of it! WTF!

Fuck man. Must I stay home until I've finished the book? I am reading as slowly as possible because I never want it to end. I'm rationing the pages, savouring every word.

If I accidentally overheard, then fine can't be helped. But I HATE people who knows you don't wanna know, but wanna tell a bit a bit to see you get riled up. Like a freaking cheap thrill to them. Like wow, I got something to hold over your head, beg me not to tell you! I know knowledge is power la, but don't make me smash my fist into your face, it's not just about the book its the principle of it la! Wah. I'm really angry.

Sigh. I'm still pissed off. I'm so so pissed off. As if it's not already bad that on Sundays everywhere you go for lunch will be flocked by ppl with fake chirpy smiles and somehow, a slightly upturned nose.

I'm just bitter. I want to throw the book out the window. I want to slam it in someone's face. Right now I hate everyone.

If you don't understand why I'm angry, fuck off!


sukyee said...

Aww, that really does suck.

Sundays shouldn't be so bad. I hate the smiles. But maybe I'm the one who's superficial.

Anonymous said...

poor babes
very unfair how you had to hear about all the spoilers before you had a change to devour the book

i bought the book and stayed home with the phone and computer off for 2 days
it was the only way
i knew some fucker was going to spoil it for me if not

i hope you still enjoy it though, love

ps: i saw joyce in miss selfridge prancing about yesterday
pss: she should be passing you my regards - if she hasn't by all means kick her
psss: okay la don't kick her like damn bad only


aran but whothehellgivesadamn said...

I hate it when people ruin endings for me with sadistic joy and then downplay it by saying I'm overacting on something insignificant.

So don't tell me what happened in the book k. But then again, I don't read the series... hmm.

What happened to your haloscan commenting?

Stella said...

you know what, the stuff that i heard was gonna happen, didn't happen.

like damn stupid only whole time thinking OH! is it gonna happen now?? and it never did, all the way to the end. bloody hell.

aran: when i changed my template, the haloscan thing was gone! and you know how lousy i am with computers.