Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bang bang bang.

I critisize. That's what I do. I am generally a happy person with little complaints but I snub a whole lot of things and mock everything else.

I can't help smirking at studio pictures. After all studio pictures belong in a casting agency or wherever not lounging around blogs or friendster profiles. Well, unless you are amazingly vain. Not that that's a crime, but still, I smirk.

I ridicule certain people like crazy. I do it to your face too my friends know full well this blunt tongue of mine. You know girls who offer to spread their legs to one guy, then offer it to his friend or just offer it to the world, and then complain that the guy doesn't respect her? Hello? What did you expect? Just because you're a girl men must respect you is it? Respect yourself first la. Give them something to respect. Respect is earned. Think, think! Your punani isn't the only one in the world, just because you offer it, drive it all the way to his house, doesn't mean he has to worship it.

I get annoyed with people who think money is everything. Some people tell me I think this way because I've never had a problem with money. You thinkkkk..just because I don't whine about being broke 24/7 means I have like shitloads in my wallet. We make do, we provide for our children and make sure everyone has a roof over their head, food in their stomachs and leftovers for rainy days. Anything else, luxury of nice clothes and flashy cars, are bonuses.

I sometimes am furious with people who think they have the worst lives in the world. I am so pitiful lor, I kena this last time, my past was like this, I am going through this. Eh, everyone has their share of bad "pasts" and their share of pain. It's part and parcel of life la. Walk through it, bitch about it even fine, but don't wallow and moan and groan every waking minute of your life, you're bringing down the others around you. Because as friends, or when people regard you as one, your suffering rubs off because we care. So sometimes, if the problem isn't really of magnitude, either tone the whining down, or save it. Having the world carry your emotional baggage for you won't solve your problems. Misery loves company? That's just a sick idiom to live by.

Oh and people who use their "problems" as a freaking conversation piece. If you have a real dilemma, the first thing someone should do is to somewhat sit in quiet, figure things out and plan your step by steps. Then maybe speak to a friend, seek refuge if need be. When a real problem comes knocking, and your first instinct is to announce it to the whole world and to yak about it for days, I am sorry but I will not be taking your so-called problem seriously. Have you not had real problems? If you had you'd know that there are problems so severe, talking would not do shit. Venting would not do jack. It does not help in the least.

Okay and everyone knows this one, I cringe verbally (heh heh) at bad music. I just..cannot. I'd rather have the silence than bad music playing. It's funny huh as I know I love the music I love, but there are songs I cannot stand! There's an abundance of songs to slit your wrists to nowadays, to make you feel like dancing into the busy street and get slammed by a truck. Not in a good way either. So since I'm so sensitive about this, and since you also so sensitive about certain things, how bout humoring me and turning the damn hitzfm mixfm shit off when I'm in your car? :P Ok..Mel and Ray and gonna let me have it for this one. Mel and I almost had a fistfight over the radio because Michael Buble was playing.

But at the end of the day, these are little things. We all put up with each other's shit. But there are shit people can't take, the stank is rank! It makes people want to run! So when you give people shit thats too hard to take (because it hurts as its coming out), accept that certain people won't take it. So clicheddd but we all have our limits. I know we've all said "Friends to the end no matter what." But come on, even most "I love yous" are only when its applicable. Not all "I Love Yous" can withstand the worst beatings. "Chicks before dicks" as Mel happily recites, and "Bros before Hos", how often do people break these mottos. Whatever it is, its usually "Me before You." So watch your step, don't take the people around you for granted. Know that many things happen to you, because you let it or you nurtured it to grow in that ugly direction. Take the blame once in a while, be amazed how much you'll grow. I mean, really take the blame and not just say it because you're trying different approaches to get people to pity you, or to get their attention.

When you know your friends has been awesome friends for so long, and suddenly they turn their back on you, maybe, just maybeeee its you la. Don't blame them for not being good friends, after all you've sung their praises, take a quick look in the mirror.

And, radio stations off when I'm in the car. Thanks.


doll said...

oi... control the anger plsss...

Stella said...

sigh you call yourself my friend..

cant even tell when i'm really anger and when i'm just taking the piss.


Elle said...

HUGS Stel... I feel U! Feel better soon.

Perry said...

Oh!well said i must say.speakin of which u must listen 2 tis track : 'Maybe Misery' by Quietdrive.i can upload it sumwhere 4 ya ;)

Stella said...

awesome twosome: *big grin*
i found the song on ares! dling now!

UnkleBus said...


jeng jeng jeng!!!

Stella said...

took me a second to realize, haahahahahahah!