Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sometimes you can't make it on your own.

Months ago, during one of our mellow moods, I asked Ham, "If a truck were to overturn right in front of your house, and no one got hurt," I said quickly, "And you could have anything to eat that you like in that truck, what would you want it to be filled with? Because somehow let's imagine the truck would be abandoned, but not the goodies inside."

Ham chose cakes. Funny, I never knew he liked them that much. I knew he liked cake, but didn't know it was at the top of the list. So I asked him what his favourite cake was, hoping to get it for his birthday this year. He said he didn't know and don't even have the faintest idea.

So the other day for Ham's birthday, I bought him 10 cakes from Bakerzin. Not the whole cake, just slices and stuff. I was on a mission! We were gonna discover his favourite cake. We almost did, until we came across one which was..pretty bad. I love having an honest boyfriend because instead of chowing them down and telling me they're all great he said "This one is bad. I feel like vomitting."

I thought, insane! How can throw up cake. So I took a really big bite. And goodness, it stuck to my throat, my mouth and it wouldn't go down! I drank a whole glass of orange juice and it still felt like the cake wanted to strangle me alive. Ugh. But the rest were pretty good. I would have taken a picture of the pretty cakes but all I had is my lousy camera phone which would make the cakes look lousy.

I've also cooked Ham every kind of prawn dish I know how. With cereal, with breadcrumbs, with garlic and curry leaves, everything! He loves prawns, I love him, I love prawns, he loves me.

Happy Family.

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