Monday, July 02, 2007

Don't marinate chicken in kunyit, ever.

Heng celebrated his birthday a few weeks back and he had a BBQ in Ham's house.

See how big Cassidy has grown!
Ham the Hermit and I. We're the only two who had the party hats on all night.
That's Nicole, 7 and Kenji, 5. Leong's kids. When they came in they greeted me with their usual "Jie jie" but Leong had to correct them and told them to call me Auntie because I'm their father's friend. Damn tiu. But Leong is my precious "chor tai ti" kaki so cannot be angry at him long :P Leong has another kid on the way, his baby boy will be due in September and I get to choose his name!

Joanna and I. Haven't seen her months. She's still the same quicky chick.

This is Susan. Susan is also my mahjong kaki. We both learnt mahjong together under the guidance of Miss Adele. Sometimes Susan and I get so bored in Ham's house when the guys are sleeping we tried playing mahjong just to two of us. Yeah, yeap.

This is Adele! Adele and I have been friends since I was in Form 1 but she went to Australia a year plus after that and I haven't seen her since recently! She used to be one of the older girls I hung out with during school times. She's the best! She can also seriously dance hip hop. Bump and grind yo!

Victor and Connie brought baby Caeley over for an hour. But I haven't got pictures of her from Susan. When her eyes are closed and she looks grumpy she looks like Victor but when her eyes are wide open she looks like Connie hahha.

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