Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hua Xin.

I do a lot of things that I don't enjoy doing. I go to places I don't like. I talk about things which otherwise I would think are a waste of my time. But I do them because of the people I want to be there for. Life can be all of an obligation. But it is a small sacrifice for a greater cause.

From time to time I would think of the returns these sacrifice should reap. I'm only human its natural to think about this policy. To want a piece of cake on someone else's birthday and to want to have cake to share with someone on a birthday..

But you know, not all accords work like a boomerang. Hell even a boomerang doesn't work half the time.

On days like these when cakes are left out to rot, I think about that negligent No, I think about that careless Can't. I think of all the times I ran to their sides and left my own world on hold, and in the end all I'm left with is all loneliness one world could hold.

No disappointment, just despair.


sukyee said...

The numerous moments like this made me so used to not getting acknowledged that when I do get appreciated there are no words to explain how happy I feel.

Stella said...

yeah..but it kind of made me think that it shouldn't be that way you know.

it shouldnt be oh its okay to starve me all this while then give me a fat chocolate cake.

sukyee said...

What you said does makes sense too. I suppose I can only say what I said because I'm numb right now.