Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That's neither here nor there.

While I was driving to Ham's house I realized it's been so long and I still get the heart-thumping feeling of blessedness when I'm on my way to his house :)

I made a mistake of taking a 2 hour nap with him in the afternoon. It's almost 5am and though I used to be able to go days without sleeping I can't anymore I know I'll be sleepy later in the afternoon and I wanna go for breakfast with my dad in a few hours.

I tried to go to bed. I played with Cassie for a while, combed her fur. I turned off the lights and as usual my mind started to wander, I started to think about Rachel coming back and where we should go on a trip next month. Thought abot Ham. I thought about Arthur and Mel starting work. I thought about Cassie and whether she has an ear infection. Thought about Ham. Thought about my sister in Redang. Then bla bla bla I started to sing Christmas carols in my head. The one that I really hate some more the Fa la la la la one. OMG so I started to play with my phone, looking at my pictures one by one. I even looked through Cinema, Forex Rates and other nonsense on my phone when I decided ENOUGH I'm going back online.

SIGH Fye and San are not coming back for the mid year holidays. *SOB* How do I get through the days. I've had them at my disposal for years!! HOW NOW.

Heh was chatting with Rachel and was telling a story about how Ham and I would buy water from those big water machines every other day. We'd lug our empty mineral water bottles and fill them up. Someone advised us to boil water or instead of wasting money on buying water like this. Rachel said she agreed with the person and I said "Eh don't nag ppl about how they drink water when you spend like water." Really one. No shame. Can spend few hundred dollars on clothes but ask ppl to save like 2bucks and boil water. Hehehhe I damn bitchy.

Anyway, Ham wants to buy that Diamond water filter thing. There's a promotion now it costs 3k plus but its buy one free one so we're looking for someone to share it with. OMG how did I get to the topic of water filters, so sien until it came to this.

Oh oh I was browsing through Multiply (that's how freaking free I am) and found interesting pictures!!

My brother and my boyfriend! (Before he was my boyfriend) Look! They both have horrible hair!!
I didn't know such a picture existed! But now I know why!