Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One fly tune to have black and white in one room.

New look :) I tweaked it on my own too!

Just Like Music by Marvin Gaye and Erick Sermon. I've been listening to it all the time for the past months. I thought I'd get sick of it soon because of the absence of guitar solos and crazy drumbeats. But no I'm still going nuts over it. Everyone and anyone would like this song, so chill.

Then again I thought everyone and anyone would despise Mika's music especially that Grace Kelly song which sounds exactly like fingernails on a blackboard, going higher higher and higher. But Rachel likes Mika *cringes. Apparently the relax take it easy song is by the same fella too. Cannot la how to enjoy a song when it gives you images of fat men in pink leotards with pink cheeks looming at you with a pink plastic bag in their hands ready to suffocate you to death. My sister likes Mika too *sobs so I have to put up with it.

Jo was telling me that she was pissed at her boyfriend for something when another friend said relax and listen to this song. Then he (its a he some more!) turned on that "Relax, take it easy song". She said "What the hell is this? Listen to this lagi stress wei."

The worst one is the lollipop song. The first 30 seconds.. I stared my sister. She ignored my stare. I stared harder and she finally said "Sorry Jie" and turned it off. Want to kill me is it.

SHIT that song I swear I could see Telletubbies high on acid getting it on. Do you know what mental images like that can do to a person?

I've been eating 3 bak changs for lunch every afternoon. 2 normal ones and one nyonya one that only my grandma knows how to make. I'm eating my 3rd one now and I must have chosen the wrong one :( This one has like 38592759 nuts in it :(