Thursday, June 21, 2007

One little two little three little Bak Changs.

Actually the one I'm having now isn't little at all. I found a giant one in the stash that Voon Ying (Joyce's bf) brought over. And its MINE. It's huge its the size of both my fists put together. Oh joy.

Cassidy is sick. She's got an ear infection and skin irritation *sobs. The first time she took her antibiotics from the syringe willingly because she bites everything so as soon as she bit it I leaked the medicinal goodness down her throat. Hah. But she's smart, from then onwards when she sees the syringe she'd run. She'd run from upstairs all the way downstairs so now I put cheese at the tip :) She's never gonna see cheese the same way again.

If that's not difficult.. Her ear drops. My goodness it took me and my two kakaks to hold her still, distract her, and discard the liquid into her ear. She turns into doggie Rambo ready to attack anyone who comes close with the bottle.

Cassie has seen two vets at her clinic in Sg Long and both of them, meeting her for the first time said to me "This one must be very naughty." And the other said "Oh she's going to be a handful for you."

Now that I'm back in PJ I took her to the vet in Taman Megah and he said "This is one is a rascal ya." Took two nurses to hold her so that the doctor can clean out her ears. She's a miniature poodle for goodness sake.

During diner Cassie nicked some of my Nasi Kandar. My dad and I have Nasi Kandar like twice a week at least when I'm home. I've had the same thing for a decade. Kayu's fried chicken (thigh) and sotong and occasionally fish eggs.

Today she also accomplished destroying my mom's wallpaper. Someone has to come tear down the whole thing and re-stick it :(

Her designated wee-wee and pang sai place is at my parent's room door :D :D
Good morning to my mom! Goodnight to my dad!

Damn it this bak chang doesn't have yolk in it. Bad..bad thing when there's no yolk. Cause it'd tempt me to have another one just to satisfy my yolk craving. But cannot..this is my 4th bak chang today. No meat in this one some more, pure fat. Yum yum yum it's like drinking butter!
Good luck to me.