Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lunch for two.

Remember I said my dad and I had a big lunch at Mui Hiong Jln Imbi? Where the minced pork with salted fish was the bombs? Bombs until my dad ordered 3 servings. Yum. The giant steamed fish haven't arrived yet.

Oh last night while Joyce and I were having out nightly talk-nonsense. We came up with the two words we really can't stand hearing or reading and would never use. Actually I came up with one and she came up with hers.

Mine is: Diamante. Goodness, its the stupidest sounding word in the world. Hate hate hate.
Joyce's: Adjourned. "Some more ah, the peope who use this word has to use it like 39743 times if they are blogging in one post."

I never realized lor. My sister qutie sensitive. Like that also can irritate her, its far far better than diamante. Especially the -te. Ugh.


kimfluttersby said...

die la. you both must really hate my blog. i use "adjourned" very often...much better then saying... "after that i went to..../ and next...we moved on to..." and i also used "diamante" once in my blog wonder i'm off your "frequent read" list. lolz.

Stella said...

where got!

my sister doesnt like the word but i'm fine with it haha doesnt bother me.

actually diamante i got it from mel when she wanted to buy bras with diamantes on the strap hahah

Kim said...

lemme guess...triumph bras right? had one before... the sides of the diamante tarnished after a few washes. harumph....