Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

I've learnt many things from Rachel but all of this year one of the things she has said rings clear in my mind. That people will love their own opinion(s) over you and your happiness. What matters most to others is what they think and what they feel even over their own friends. A small handful escapes this. And I'm one of them! I could murder a person and someone would justify it as long as I'm happy.

After many years I finally realized the significance...that whenever I have a problem, or whenever life throws me for a spin and I'm unsure of what I am doing she asks very simply, "Stel, are you happy? If you are, I am for you. Nothing else matters."

So Ray, I'm happy buying water and not boiling it ok? Next time don't simply agree agree with other ppl. Hmph. Ask you don't buy clothes but make them yourself see how you react. Or buy from pasar pagi don't waste money on Marc Jacobs where the prices gives me a mild heart attack.

It's one in the same ok? :D Bye, remember to buy Cassie treats.