Monday, June 18, 2007

One is an idiot, the other is insane.

I got to see Alex last night for Mel's birthday dinner and I realized how much I had missed him and how significant he is in my life and how much I treasure him.

I miss his "Stella Oo! Don't you dare do that ah! Stella Oo! Don'ttttt. Stella Oo! How can you say that to people's face. Aiijorr whats wrong with you! Stella Oo! I said don't touch that!!" I use to amaze him with my lack of tact. How I used to drive him crazy. He'd stop the car to go to the bank and when he comes back to his car there would be neck ties tied to his steering wheel, his readview mirror hidden, his seat pushed all the way back flat with seat belts intertwined. Or how I would wind down the window and ask random girls on the street if they'd go on a date with him. He loves me to no end I tell you.

All my boyfriends never good enough for him. Not one. Not that there were many but still. He'd find flaws in them but find me perfect despite all my attempts at driving him nuts. He taught me how to throw a punch and I usually only use them on him. All his ex-girlfriends also quite cow one to me. Just now during dinner when we were laughing about the cake and laughing about Arthur, I realized I MUST make it a point to keep him in my life. I cannot lose this guy.

Also, I look like a pau in this picture.