Sunday, June 24, 2007

I don't know much (about dogs), but I know I love you

Oh yes, she's beeg! She's more than twice her weight and her size than when I brought her home.

On the way to pick my mom up at the airport, I took Cassie for a ride. Uhm her fur a bit unruly cause I hadn't brushed her for 2 days :D

Argh. Cassie loves my Che monkey, it was my Christmas present from Tyler but she cries and cries and cries for it. Good thing is she doesn't chew on it anymore, she just holds it to sleep sometimes.

This is Cassie's favourite afternoon nap spot.


UnkleBus said...


the che monkey!

puppy oso can be such rebel ah

Stella said...

she damn naughty la. everyone says so.

we both love the che monkey! both rebels!