Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Father's Eyebrows

I talk about my dad all the time (yes my friends you would know) and I've written posts on him pretty often too so I don't see how a Father's Day post would be any different cause well everyday is Father's day.

When I was out at Mel's birthday dinner Daddy Oo texted me saying "I bought many goodies back but three are for you. You'd never guess what they are so don't bother trying."
I replied saying "Hmph no faith in me."
At the time I KNEW there were gonna be mangosteens cause a few hours before I accidentally mentioned mangosteens. My dad is sharp when it comes to what we want so I am careful with what I say I want because he will get it for me by hook or by crook.

When I got home and asked what they were he said "First bag has otak-otak in it, and the second one mangosteens-"
"I knew it!!"
"But you can never guess whats in the 3rd bag"

I went to check. It was another bag of mangosteens. He bought two gigantic bags of them.

I'm up to my armpits in mangosteens.