Friday, June 22, 2007

All in a day's work.

My dad and I came to a sad conclusion today.
That his favourite chocolate, the Almond Gold, has been discontinued.
As for me, the Myojo Pedas. It was the best ever mee goreng in the entire universe galaxy thingy. It's over.

I'm drowning my sorrow in this bag of Parmesan cheese. I've eaten half the bag sadly dumping the contents into my Myojo Pedas deprived mouth. I hope this doesn't make me sick hrm.

Anyway today I tagged along with my dad while he ran his errands. We went to Menara Maybank where this lady tending to us gave me these silver wrapped chocolates which were out of this world! Should have asked her where its from. Or maybe I was hungry. Later we went for lunch at Mui Hiong at Jln Imbi. My dad ordered something soy chicken, bean sprouts with salted fish, some giant steamed fish, and three servings of minced pink with salted fish. When I took the first bite of the minced pork I knew why he ordered 3 servings. They were the bomb! I had two bowls of rice! (hm thinknig back why did the lady give me chocolates, did she think I was a child?! probably.)

We were walking around Lot 10 and we passed MNG in Isetan and there was a sale. (Here's one line you don't read in this blog often) My dad gestured for me to go look. I told him Nah dowan. But then he said "You've been wearing Joyce's clothes, learn to buy some of your own." Wahlau even my dad looking down on me. Fine so I chose one top. There were so many ppl I was getting nervous. Women on a mission, don't mess with them.

After that we went to the Berjaya Vacation Club office where he booked 2 rooms in Berjaya Langkawi Spa and Resort whatever for 4 days for me! Yay yay! I've never been to Langkawi (yeah I know) so its a big deal! I have the confirmation slip in my wallet yay! We got Deluxe Chalets on the Water whatevers wheeeee can just dive off the balcony into the water.

Ham came over for dinner and then him, my family and I went grocery shopping. My favourite kind of shopping. I am now a proud owner of 3 bags of Ruffles (different flavors), 2 cans of Tulip Spicy Luncheon Meat, 3 bags of Milano orange biscuits, 3 packets of Ayamas Sausages with cheese, 2 boxes of Lindt orange chocolates, 2 bars of Cadbury milk chocolates and I really can't remember the rest. I was going nuts. So nuts that I'm listing them out here when its my usual when we grocery shop. Esther was choosing her own stuff where she saw some milk cartons and it said "Free 2" or something and she told my dad "Daddy look, free 2!" where my dad replied "I'm buying it for you you're not paying, everything here is free ok?"

Oh oh and when we were watching Al Jazeera, there was a clip of this mob beating a dummy with Abbas' face on it. Esther asked "Why do they hate that man daddy?"
"Because they are naughty boys la." and then he turned to me and said "Someone must have paid them to do it. These people should be taken off the streets." Heh, that's my dad. Strong opinions just like me! Or me like him hm.

To top the day off Ham and I went to buy ABC and Chendol for my family. My mom's so cute, everytime she takes a big bite she'd shudder and say "Mm so fattening".

All in all, its been a fanfuckingtastic day!
*dives back into the Parmesan cheese.

PS: Argh need my phone cable so I can upload super freaking cute can die pictures of Cassie!


Kim said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.....are u serious? I tried not to think that they really discontinued MYOJO!!!! Myojo Mi-Poh was my fav!!!! OH NO!!!! I'm gonna drown my sorrows in Powerbar now. :(

udonotknowme1 said...

If I ever have kids, I hope they'd be as happy (or seem to be).

™ said...

hmm y u always talk about food :P .... make me so hungry