Monday, May 01, 2006


We were at Alexis, Ampang.

Although I don't enjoy listening to jazz, I somehow feel as if the notion in jazz and rock are actually quite similar. Like how it can take you anywhere. You don't need to be melodic throughout the whole song and you can bang out solos and go crazy. The flow is so, liberal.

I was trying to depict "greed" in this picture. But it came out as "insane."

Ham has hands of magic.

Ellie and I. Andrea is checking the drummer out :P

The Blame Game.

1. The reason why my body was in a weird posture and my face wearing a stupid expression (I was laughing really really hard, inwardly)

Behind me, the evil man who tickles with his words.

2. The reason why our group looks like a "rombongan dari luar negara" while having their picture taken in a mall after hours.

Can you spot the person with the reddest face?

Here's a clue:



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