Friday, May 05, 2006

I love, I live, and breathe in now.

We don’t have a barbeque pit so Ham put charcoal in between two bricks on the ground and the griller over it. It took him a while to get the charcoal burning because we don’t have any fire starters either. We sat on newspaper over the cement and patiently fanned the fire for half an hour or so. Under these circumstances it took a total of another hour before the steaks was ready to be devoured. By the time Ham was done with the squatting down, fanning and poking at the steaks, he looked like a member of an eighties punk band who just woke up from an overdose. Hawt.

I spent that same hour chatting with Rachel over the phone. While talking to her I peeled potatoes, boiled them and made mash potatoes.

Dinner was great!

You know an almost sneeze? An almost sneeze where at the last moment, swallows itself? I think Casper's made of that. The "about to fall into slumber" theory he has is all wrong for him, that's for something else. But that's another story for another day.

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