Friday, May 12, 2006

Road Trip.

Tuesday night, when it was turning into early Wednesday morning, the guys jokingly disccussed driving up to Genting. I jokingly said I would go too. I even made fun of those who didn't want to go. "You got class at 10? Mine's at 9 and I'm still going. You're such a wuss."

Next thing I know..
"Huh? We're really going?! But I get seasick! Motion sickness erm car sick? Air sick! All sick! Are you guys sure you want to take me? I mean, I'm gonna be puking every 20 minutes. Not pleasant. Plus-" bla bla bla. By the time we got there I came out of the car pale, pasty and nauseated beyond belief. And what did we do after they lost money? Heh.

I became the designated photographer of the night.

Yum. We do love our greens.

If you look carefully they are posing with a freaking rubbish bin, pointing at..nothing.

They were intentionally looking for sohai stuff to get on camera.

Too bad the pictures are kinda blurry, the expression on Bulldog's (right) face is priceless.

Sigh. Some boys just never grow up.

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