Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A thousand words.

This was all before the stupid raid. So NOT a good night for a raid. But thanks to the excellent Zouk staff; entertainment, front office and floor (and an ex-manager in particular :P), we managed to escape.

Looking back, although I've been in a few raids, this is the first time I panicked a little. As soon as the lights came on we strolled inconspicuously toward the DJ console and walked into the back. When the bouncer opened the door we saw a lot bunch of people in there. And another horde inside the Artist Room. Damn obvious, true enough a cop discovered us. Then Ellie got a call and we walked more conspicuously this time it seems because another string of people were following us upstairs and into the staff entrance to the office where we escaped into the blue. No actually just outside. Just felt like saying into the blue, I don't know why.

Though the rest of the night was filled with "nen nen pox" songs, pointers for insulting me, a nutty "drummist" and a boyfriend who joined the other side, it was a good night. Of course la, the Technicolor Gang was together. Listening to Tyler sing "Don't give me no cloroxxxx, I just want my nen nen pox. Put it in a boxxxx, I have no chicken poxxx. No no no no cloroxxxx, just nen nen pox" was.. damn chat entertaining.

The band rocks! Just like nen ne- nevermind.

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