Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ham and the guys have been loading, unloadnig, setting up, sticking carpet to grass (something along the lines of that) and doing basically any hard work other guys I know wouldn't do, since 8am.

Ham and I usually cooks one dish each for dinner and we cook together. But I thought I'd do all the cooking tonight and broke out the pork, prawns and squid. I don't have any more chicken left because night before last, I took out the chicken to defrost in the sink and two hours later, I checked the sink and lo and behold! The chicken was gone, right out of the plastic. There was a hole in it though. Must be the damn cat. Which one I don't know. And I was really really upset.

Anyway, I considered walking tp Pyramid to get more chicken but was quite sure that they didn't have the parts that I wanted in any hypermarket. Only Ah Long at the SS2 Pasar Pagi has them. But then Gerald told me of a Pasar Malam in Subang which happens to sell raw meat as such during the night (which is rare). So I contemplated taking a cab there. But then I heard thunder.

A little disappointed I couldn't cook up a better meal, I settled on what I had. A fusion of seafood and meat curry and my own recipe for fried rice. While I was washing the rice, the water pressure went lower and lower. I banged around the sink a little and the water went down to a mere trickle..

SO SAD. No water!!
After all my pacing around the room thinking if I should walk out to Pyramid to try my luck.
After putting my jeans on and taking it off three times because I couldn't decide if I should go.
After calling numerous people to see if they can take me to the Subang Pasar Malam (which none was gracious enough to help a damsel in distress).
After peeling the potatoes and chopping them into cubes!


I wanted to complain to Mel.

No water!!

So cannot bathe la?

What cannot bathe! Cannot cook!

Tar pau la.

But i took everything out to defrost already! I peeled the potatoes! Everything is ready!

Eat it raw then. Hahahahah. You sound danm si lai okay. Beh tahan. Upset that you can't cook.. HAHAHAHAHA.

Some people, I'm not saying who, but we know la, have no compassion. You can forget about your "fatt tiew cheong".


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