Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My colorful weekend.

Tyler, Aran, Andrea, Ham and I were in for a treat Saturday night! Ellie made pasta. Uncle Leong (are you guys sure its okay to call him this?) came later so he didn't get to have any. See the little faux "snow globes" by the tv? I got them :D The yellow one represents Perry, the red one Ellie and the Green one Tyler. Anyway, the food was YUM. Especially the baby carrots.

I seriously didn't think he would actually take a picture while I was doing that. Look at him, unshaven and dishevelled. YUM.

At 5.15am we got up and headed to KLIA for the Return of Strwb.

Notice the difference in her expression when she's standing next to me and Perry? :P 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a longggg time to separated from your other half. Ham and I could barely make one without whining. Him, not me.

All in all, we're damn glad Perry's back. Just wasn't the same without him. Since he was gone Tyler and Aran ganged up and bullied me quite a bit. I have to find some way to bribe him to be on my side. *ngerk.

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