Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Times.

I'm sitting in front of the comp, chatting and blogging. Which all the course of a day, would be very normal for any young adult.

But I also have a knife and a peeler with me.

Along with some ginger, garlic and an onion, all waiting to be peeled and I'm doing it in front of the computer.

I'm moving with the times, yo!

Everything is merging, everything is a fusion.

They now serve Roti Banjir, which is plain roti cut up and drenched in curry. It's basically Roti Canai Orang Malas. First we have people cooking our meals for us, then we have people cutting our food for us. What's next? People to feed us? It's amazing how far we've come and yet how lazy we have become.

All that jazz in school about not spoonfeeding the students. Take a look at what Maslow has shown us, do we really need people cutting our food for us?? Probing into little details of different societies, everything is prematurely stencilled and it's just going in circles, only different things at different speeds.

Or maybe, sadly, its my brain that's wack.

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