Monday, May 22, 2006

I ogle at my own boyfriend o_O

About the title, we'll get there.

One of the most apparent tags applied to clubbing would be alcohol.

So last Friday at Velvet Underground, it was "Free-flow night", I'm sure the night had some glamour handle like "I am Fabulous" but to us, it was free-flow for two hours and thats all that mattered. Blah of course after a while we realized it was a "I Am Fabulous" night and immediately I felt out of place. Anomie leaned over and said "We so do not belong to this crowd, we're so not fabulous." I laughed and felt at ease at being out of place. I've felt this my whole life harhar. Anyway, our group stood next to the bar the whole time. Anomie realized that if a girl asked for the free drinks at the bar, it was more efficient so I was the designated "orderer".

Anomie: Go go get more drinks. Get two, just in case (Russell Peters imitation).
He must have repeated that line to me at least eight times.
Me: We are so kiamsiap.

Then there were chocolate covered strawberries circling the club and I, the glutton, whalloped as much as I could. *YUM* Actually the strawberries weren't so good so it was more like I was biting the chocolate off the strawberry and tossing the remains away.

We are so kiamsiap. The kiamsiapness had UnkleBus and Sab laughing all over the place the whole night. We did not move away from the bar even though there was people bumping into us all night. It was so convenient. I've never seen Anomie so happy. "Shit it's the good Vodka! It's bel-WhateverIcannotPronounce"

So there we were, I was happily feeling out of place when Anomie leans over this time to say "My hand was in between the sofa and some girl's ass. She was resting her ass on my hand."
As Strwb said, "You should have said excuse me, pon pon (squeeze squeeze*)"
That made me laugh so hard I banged into Ham's drink and spilled it over his shirt *teehee.

Midnight came. "No more free stuff ah? Let's leave lah." We headed over to Mainroom where Judge Jules was spinning. When I first saw the Melbourne shuffle back in Atmosphere times, Rachel and I thought "It looks terrible! Like some warped version of a chicken flap dance." But then Anomie said to me "Did you know that Ham taught people to shuffle? Ask him to teach me!" and persisted in calling Ham his "guru". (Reminder: Dorothy story for another time*)

Ham started shuffling about five years ago back in Melbourne and stopped about two years ago. But as I watched him shuffle (after badgering him to do it for me), he looked so adorable! So cocky! That swaggering stare! He even incorporated my Alice in Wonderland moves into his dance. I loved it! I was giggling like a lovesick idiot while gawking at him. Now I know how a pre-teen would feel at a Westlife concert. So excited! I could just stand there and watch him all night. (Okay this is where I should shut up)

Chemicalboy saw me watching Ham and he said to me "Shuffle together la!"
I stared at him, "I will never be able to do that. I am more a bump and grind girl." (Sounds so salah)
And then he said to Ham, "You didn't teach her??" and turned to me and said "He taught me you know! Years ago, he taught me!"

I would have never known. Ham has many well kept secrets. Including being hillarious at the wrong times.

Sometimes he'd be staring at me while I'm talking and I'd get all flustered, blush furiously and start stammering.

And suddenly..

"B.b! There's vege stuck in your teeth! Wait stop talking let me get it out first."

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