Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Machine.

Today I used a washing machine. It was my first time. Ham had shown me how to use it before but it was kinda complicated, too many knobs.

And separating the colors, where does the light blue go? In the blacks or the whites? I had to ask Aran. I assumed he knew. He needed to know exactly what shade of blue it was. He suggested I tell him using the html hex no. We are band geeks.

I bet you're assuming that I've never done laundry before.


I handwashed my clothes before this. Yep. I was all gung-ho squatting down in the toilet to scrub and rub each garment piece by piece.

I'm moving along with the times. Tomorrow I'm cooking something from the frozen food section for dinner instead of making a meal from scratch. No peeling onions or slicing garlic.

*I think I'm having a fever. My joints ache, my head is warm and heavy, and I feel like throwing up. I need Ham home :( I don't like him doing manual labour under the hot sun :*(

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